Basic Breath Series

1.  Left Nostril Breath (3 min)

2.  Right Nostril Breath (3 min)

3.  Alternate Nostril Breathing (3 min ea. side)

4. Breath of Fire (7 min)

5.  Chant Sat Naam (3-15 min)

When you alter the breath you begin to oppose and release the habitual patterns of emotion and attention that are coded in the habits of your body and mind.  As those patterns begin to alter, you may drift in concentration or interest.  If you continue and command the breath, then you will gain a new sense of ease and control where you direct your mind.

Prana / Apana Balance

1.  Celibate Pose (2 min)

2.  Rising Up from the Knees (inhale 6 counts, hold 12 counts, exhale 6 counts).  Repeat 7 times, clap on the 8th with arms overhead.

3.  Push-Pull Pistoning (2.5 min)

4.  Lift Legs straight up, hold breath (30 seconds)

5.  Modified Stretch Pose with Head on Floor (1 min)

6.  Cobra Lifts with eyes closed on inhale, open on exhale (10 times)

7. Heart Center Pull.  Breath of Fire with arms straight up (1 min). Pull fists to chest with force, 2 times.

8.  Relax and listen to your heartbeat.

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This food is said to give endurance, strengthen the nerves and grant potency. Spread on bread or crackers.  Eat no more than once a week, and be sure to have it with some kind of milk for the full potency.


1 large onion

3 cloves garlic

2 inches peeled ginger root

50 raw unsalted pistachios, shelled

40 peeled almonds

15 strands dried saffron

1/2 cup milk

1/4 cup honey

Soak pistachios, almonds and saffron overnight in milk.  Chop and steam onions, garlic, and ginger until soft.  Blend with saffron nut milk, adding honey and a little water.  Blend thoroughly until it forms a smooth paste.  Yields about 12 oz.

Charanpal's notes:  This is a wonderful source of protein. Yogi Bhajan said that, for males, it will enrich semen. Saffron is also one of the best herbs for the reproductive organs. It is one of the few herbs that is able to pass through the many layers of digestion to reach, and deeply nourish, the sexual organs for all sexes. Can be made vegan by using a milk alternative. And, yes, PEEL THE ALMONDS FIRST.  Soak almonds for a few hours in filtered water and watch how much easier it is for the skin to just pop right off.  The consistency here is what you will want to pay attention to the most... Only add water if, when blending, your mixture is too thick.  Also, I know his recipe is strange in that it asks to count the nuts... that seems nuts!  At the same time, I recommend doing so and sending love and good vibrations into each nut!!  Watch how nourishing this will be if so!