Chant artist and Kundalini yoga teacher, Charanpal Kaur, M.A., carries the presence of a lioness; evoking creativity, illuminated heart energy, and the feeling of being by a campfire when she sings. As a student of the sacred sound current, chanting mantra is a visceral and potent daily healing practice for Charanpal.  With three mantra albums to date, her last two releases, Jala (2017), and Aeons (2015), made it to #3 and #4 on the iTunes music charts. Her first album, Simran Sadhana (2013) was produced by world-renowned cellist, Hans Christian.  Charanpal is also a featured teacher for two international online yoga communities; Kundalini Lounge (London, UK) and Kundalini Live (Monterrey, CA). Yogis around the globe practice with Charanpal via her viral Youtube classes, such as The Keep Up Spirit.  Charanpal has a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and specializes in a form of Gestalt Therapy. Living in the redwoods of Santa Cruz with her husband, whom accompanies her on percussion, two cats, and four alpaca, she feels super blessed to live the life of a modern householder with access to these ancient yogic technologies. 


Charanpal's roots in music began as a young girl, singing in stage productions in Chicago, where she was born and raised.    

As a teen, her mother bought her an acoustic guitar.  Inspired by authentic, folk music about social change, she began learning and writing songs.  

In her college years, Charanpal studied acting and dance at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.  She then moved to Los Angeles, and was featured in several major film and TV productions.  Despite the success with acting, she felt a strong yearning to play music, and eventually shifted careers to focus on songwriting.  

Migrating north to Santa Cruz, CA, she formed a 5-piece band and began touring the country in a school bus.  Her band played an amalgam of soul and world music to large festival audiences, and was the opening act for legends such as Taj Mahal, and Lee Scratch Perry. 

Upon settling back into her home life in Santa Cruz, she rekindled her love for yoga; in particular, Kundalini yoga.  The first class she ever took brought her to tears.  

Something awakened in her and her love for chanting mantra was born.

Charanpal dives deep in her newest release, Jala, which climbed to #3 on iTunes charts.  She delivers a silken, cutting edge sound replete with binaural beats, whale calls, and specific mantras for healing and releasing grief. Her third mantra album to date, Jala is an homage to the unborn child she miscarried while on an airplane. These songs became the salve that soothed her during this time of loss. Charanpal believes the melodies were written by the unborn soul, named Jala, to transmit healing to the planet during these trying times.

Her second album, Aeons (2015), climbed to #4 on iTunes charts, and features some of the same musicians from her original touring band.  The tight-knit sound that comes forth on this album is testament to the familiarity of years spent on the road together.  

In 2013, she released her first mantra album, Simran Sadhana, with world-renowned cellist and producer, Hans Christian.   The chants on this album are what Yogi Bhajan taught as the most activating mantras to chant in the early morning hours.  The album also features Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes) on drums.


Charanpal is a unique channel for the sacred sound current.  It is her soul's mission to bring an authentic, relatable quality to mantra music that doesn't shy away from pain.  In this regard, it can feel as if Charanpal is listening to you as you listen to her music.  She embraces a humanistic approach to New Age music and goes deep into the realm of feelings and emotions.  Her music has the ability to meet you where you are at in your journey and become the soundtrack for your healing and transformation.