AEONS (2015) - #4 iTunes

AEONS (2015) - #4 iTunes

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  1. With You Now (I Am Thine)

  2. Ad Guray Nameh

  3. Har Mukande

  4. Slok of Japji

  5. Pavan 

  6. Stay Close, My Heart

  7. The Lighthouse

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A moving, motivating journey of sacred chants featuring an eclectic mix of sounds from the violin, harp, harmonium, tabla, and a kirtan choir. Aeons instantly climbed  to #4 on the iTunes world music charts, and was praised by Spirituality and Health magazine as "potent stuff-- intoxicating, seductive, and habit-forming." The last song, The Lighthouse, features Gurunam Singh on backing vocals, as well as an audio recording of Yogi Bhajan.