AkalStars - Live Sadhana (2018)

AkalStars - Live Sadhana (2018)

  1. Wah Yante

  2. Mul Mantra

  3. Sat Siri Siri Akal

  4. Rakhe Rakhanhar

  5. Waheguru Wahejio

  6. Guru Ram Das Chant

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Husband and wife duo, Charanpal and Ghansham, sat down with a guitar, djembe, and four microphones to record this raw, hypnotic, and incredibly fresh rendition of the Aquarian sadhana mantras.  Recorded in one take, all in the moment, you can feel the air in the room and the intimacy of their voices together.  In this digital age, it is a complete rarity to stumble upon artists willing to brave recording in this fashion; stripped down, with all the elements of humanness present.