Simran Sadhana (2013) - feat. Hans Christian

Simran Sadhana (2013) - feat. Hans Christian

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  1. Wah Yante

  2. Mul Mantra

  3. Sat Siri Siri Akal

  4. Rakhe Rakhanhar

  5. Waheguru, Wahejio

  6. Guru Ram Das

  7. Longtime Sun

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Experience the sweetness of waking in the early morning hours and chanting along to the uplifting melodies of Simran Sadhana. The mantras on this album are a collection of the Aquarian chants that Yogi Bhajan taught would bring elevation, radiance, and courage during the intense transitioning of these times.  Charanpal`s deep and diverse range of vocalization makes singing along with her an absolute joy, while the masterful accompaniment and production of Hans Christian will delight your ears and spirit.