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- APRIL 5 through MAY 14 -


You are warmly welcomed to join an online community of artists, yogis, teachers, creators and dreamers lifting each other to the heights of our collective caliber.


For 40 days, we will create a vessel which will contain the elements essential for a thriving community-based experience.


This experience is open to anyone that is called to birth a new project, further current works, or simply infuse more creativity and inspiration into daily living.

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Equip your experience with a daily Kundalini Yoga meditation as originally taught by Yogi Bhajan.

This meditation keeps you centered under the polarities and vectors of contention that come with any significant project in life.

It is designed to increase creativity of the archetypal masculine/feminine mix. It can be done for 11 or 31 minutes.

An instructional video and exclusive guide track will be provided to help you keep up.

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Three 60-minute Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes to increase creative potency.

Classes are live-streamed with replay available if you cannot join live.

Saturday, April 6, 8am pst

Saturday, April 20, 8am pst

Saturday, May 11, 8am pst

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Receive daily inspiration featuring Tarot readings, Elohim Channeling, and Creative and Intuitive Counsel.

Teachings and wisdom shared to hold the container for the group’s highest caliber of creative output and accountability.

Recordings are 10 minutes long and are sent out via email by 8am eastern standard time.

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Learn how to optimize the uninhibited realm of your dreams by setting intentions to receive visions, medicine, and messages from your Soul’s wisdom.

Dream Harvesting night time techniques included to help dreamers awaken with remembrance.

Dream Harvesting morning time techniques included to help dreamers decode dream messages.

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Co-Rising together through group sharing and accountability.

Receive access to private Facebook group for connectivity and receptivity.

Option to be paired up with an accountability partner.

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$54 USD

  • Meditation Instructions (video and written) plus Guide Track

  • Daily Audio Recordings

  • Three 60-minute Kundalini Yoga classes live-streamed and recorded

  • Dream Harvesting Practices

  • Private Facebook Group

Prefer Venmo??? Click here to pay and then email me:

By registering, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

All payments are non-refundable.

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$154 USD

  • Basic Bundle

  • Free 20-minute call with Charanpal prior to starting.

  • Four Group Coaching video calls

  • Tracking and Mapping tools for your project’s goals and timeline.

What to expect on the calls…

  • Allotted time to share about your creative process.

  • Allotted time to receive guidance and feedback from Charanpal and the group.

  • Allotted time for dream harvesting shares.

  • Allotted time to receive Gestalt Dream Guidance and intuitive counsel from Charanpal.


Choose a group that works best for you…

SUNDAY GROUP (space for 2 more)

April 7th, 4pm pst

April 21st, 4pm pst

May 5th, 4pm pst

May 12th, 4pm pst



April 8th, 10am pst

April 22nd, 10am pst

May 6th, 10am pst

May 13th, 10am pst


It is requested you be able to make it to at least 3 out of the 4 video calls.

If groups become full, additional groups will be created, so if you would like to register for the Coaching Bundle and neither of these options work for you, please email me:

If you have to miss one call, you can submit your share and questions to Charanpal directly.

Co-Rising Coaching Bundle

Prefer Venmo??? Click here and then email me:

By registering, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

All payments are non-refundable.

testimonials (1).png
I have been searching for a mentor and a way to learn more. I found it with Charanpal and her teachings. I have gained confidence and understanding about myself. I feel like I really grew spiritually during this time.
— Sylvia Kathryn
I loved everything about it: the flexibility, the daily inspirational messages and recordings; the planetary aspects of the day; the tarot readings; the writing homework; the meditations; the group energy. Not only that it was manageable to follow in our busy lifestyles, but it was habit changing, uplifting and satisfying. I would recommend it to anyone interested in going deeper into their personal development.
— Borislava Ratcheva
Charanpal’s Miracle Frequency was everything I could have dreamed for in a spiritual program. The yoga and daily meditation kept me focused and grounded. The journal prompts were incredible. They were so deep and thorough and unlike any I had seen before. I was able to dive deep into my soul and implement positive shifts in my life.
— Denise Walker
I have experienced 5 years of life and knowledge expansion with Charanpal. She shows us the down to earth, cosmic wonder of deep fulfillment
— Lisa McCallister
I have been a Charanpal superfan for many years now and, as repeat online and in real life student, I can simply say, all her offerings are getting better and better. This course offering had so many amazing aspects and so many tools I will return to again and again. And I will definitely be signing up for the next one!
— Linda Nellis
Even without my being present for many of the 40 days, by the 40th day, within an instant, I fell deeply in love with, and in forgiveness of the aspects of myself condemned by myself over ‘millenniums’—and reflected back to me by accommodating others, LOL—as ugly, unspiritual...negative.
It is the very ‘ugliness’ within me that is my unique showpiece to express, to invoke Beauty.
Seeing Beauty in the ugly ‘outside’ of myself has been thematic in my writings since I first wrote a poem as a college freshwoman.
”Scorched, burned, ugly orchid ravaged by the sun, living in the evening light, you are beautiful!”
Little did I know back then, as an innocent, that the shriveled up orchid would be me:) Love it!!!
Thank you, Charanpal, for assisting me in widening the neutral, empty space...the blank vast canvas within me, for me to color my most wretched selves with thoughts and words and all encompassing feelings of love.
— Jane Sprout