1. Yogi's March

2. Horse Pose with Breath of Fire

3.  Windmills

4.  Tadasana with guided  visualization

5.  Frogs

6. Rest in heart prayer

7. Ab Crunch Leg Lifts

8.  Knees to Chest Rest

9.  Arm Sweeps to clear the aura

10.  Cross-legged rest

11.  Front Platform pose with Breath of Fire

12.  Cobra with Breath of Fire

13.  Rest on Stomach

14.  Downward Dog - Upward Dog swings



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PARSLEY PILAU by Yogi Bhajan

This is a useful food when you get headaches or feel a heaviness in your head, or when you feel unnecessarily sleepy.  It is very good for the brain and can be eaten as a mono diet.  For extra energy, if you must work very hard, eat with yogurt. 


1 cup Basmati Rice

1 cup Parsley

2 cups Unskinned Chopped Potatoes

2 Onions

2 tsp. Oregano Seeds

1 Tbsp. Turmeric

1 tsp. Black Pepper

2 Crushed Bay Leaves

1/2 cup Ghee

Saute onions in ghee.  Add spices and cook until browned.  Then add rice, potatoes and parsley and stir for a while.  Add water (to steam the rice), cover, and cook for another 15 minutes.  Serves 4-6.

Charanpal's Notes:  I highly recommend cooking this in a frying pan with a large surface area to make sure the rice cooks thoroughly. There are a lot of ways that you can modify this recipe.  For example, you can use fresh turmeric. You can wait to stir the parsley in until it's ready to serve if you want that raw parsley texture. You can use an organic vegetable oil instead of ghee, and you can add fresh tomatoes, or even feta cheese, as a garnish.  My main caution to you is to use a low heat in the beginning so that you don't burn the spices.  Turn the heat up a bit once you add the potatoes and rice, but keep an eye on it so you don't burn or boil over. Parsley is a nutritional powerhouse with vitamins A, B, C and K and the minerals iron and potassium.  You can also add cilantro!  Parsley combined with cilantro, which has vitamin K and small amounts of folate, it is a powerful detox, drawing heavy metals from the body.