Enrollment is open for the next Magic of the Moon immersions, set in the lush redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains.

The first event is the full moon on Saturday, September 14th.

The second event is the new moon on Saturday, September 28th.

If you cannot join both days, there are a limited amount of day passes available.

Open to all levels, genders, and differently-abled, this intimate event will likely sell out, so we encourage you to reserve your ticket soon.

Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Vegan lunch and refreshments included.



Directions to the event in the Santa Cruz Mountains disclosed to registrants.


9-10am KUNDALINI TUNE UP with Genia Avtar Daya

Start off the day with warm ups, breath work, the morning kriya, relaxation, and meditation. We will get our energy, circulation, and bodies moving, which will exercise the spine and aid in the circulation of prana to balance the chakras. By opening the flow of Kundalini, we will have the authority to make the right choices to conquer the challenges of life. We will use the energy of the new and full moons to generate and direct tremendous healing energy.


10:30-11:45am CRYSTAL ILLUMINATION with Janna Bowman


As within, so without...get ready to feel the amplitude of the heart & brain as energy oscillators in your body! We will program a quartz crystal & radiate this group energy into the ethers through a large scale crystal grid for all to attune to.

**If you own a single terminated quartz crystal, please bring it with you to program. If you do not, Janna will have some available for use, or purchase. Single terminated quartz crystal pictured.


11:45am-12:30pm LUNCH

Included is a delicious and light vegan Mediterranean delight featuring salad, tabouli, dolmas, and hummus.



Enjoy the surround sound of the cosmos permeating through your cells. It is known that the vibrations of the gong are the vibrations of the Universe, helping us remember the natural resonance of creation. This metabolic gong bath is the perfect way to relax and digest, using Saturn and Symphonic gongs.


1-2:30pm KUNDALINI MASTER CLASS with Charanpal

Don’t let the word ‘master’ scare you! Being masterful means meeting yourself where you are at in total acceptance and reverence. We will be deep diving in to meditation and chanting to unlock your courage to walk the path of your highest potential. Come with the intention to clear any subconscious patterns that hold you back from happiness and total success. Kundalini yoga is one of the most powerful practices for accelerating your spiritual advancement. Come experience and just do your personal best!




Charanpal Kaur, M.A.

Charanpal carries the presence of a lioness. When she sings, she evokes creativity, heart energy, and a deep feeling of community and connection.

A Kundalini Yoga teacher, Charanpal is a featured teacher for two international online communities: Kundalini Lounge (London) and Kundalini Live (Monterey, California). Yogis around the globe practice with Charanpal via her viral YouTube classes.

As a student of the sacred sound current, she uses chanting mantra for its visceral and potent daily healing practice. Her recent albums, Jala (2017) and Aeons (2015), reached number three and number four on the iTunes music charts.

With a master’s degree in spiritual psychology, Charanpal also specializes in Gestalt therapy.

Blessed to be a modern householder with access to ancient yogic technologies, she lives in the redwoods of Santa Cruz with her cats, her alpacas, and her husband, who accompanies her on percussion.


Janna Bowman

Janna is certified through The Crystal Academy of Healing Arts & the lineage of Katrina Raphaell’s teachings of the ancient art of laying on stones. She began her certification at the Crystalis Institute with Naisha Ashian & the Primus Activation Technique, and continued onto “The Becoming a Human Crystal program”. She is currently in the final program as a certified crystal resonance therapist. Janna was initiated into 4th level Hatun Karpay traditions in Peruvian Cosmology, and learned conscious dying processes & rituals in ancient Aztec Mexico City. Janna is a Heartmath® Mentor, Reiki II Practioner, a former massage therapist trained in Shiatsu, as well as a holistic Esthetician. She’s a clairvoyant, kinesthetic energy worker, and channel using alchemy & crystal sound bowls to transform constrictive energy. It is Janna’s intention that all transmissions be in the highest and most pure light that allows us to walk this earth empowering our true essence and light within.


Genia Avtar Daya

I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for 5 years and completed my Level 1 Teacher Certification at Yoga West in Los Angeles. Kundalini Yoga is a daily practice for me and has changed my life. This practice allows me to listen to my heart and have genuine compassion towards myself and others.

I have a new awareness of the world and how all creations are connected. I want to spread the light that kundalini yoga has ignited in me.



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Please bring your own yoga mat and any other cushions or props that will assist in your comfort.

Dress in layers as it may be cool in the morning hours.

We will be mostly on a deck / patio area, so any blankets or padding is also encouraged.

Please bring your single terminated quartz crystal if you have one. Janna will have some available, if not.

Cups, utensils, plates, etc., will be provided, however, we encourage you to bring any of your own eating-ware in hopes of keeping this as green of an event as possible (especially a mug for Yogi Tea).