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Best yoga meditation I have ever experienced! My three year old son told me that I was flying.
— — Kara Atma Kaur, Mother
Deep Gratitude for you, Charanpal, for supporting me in being me, saying my truth, and being ok in myself. You truly model that for me and I so appreciate you!
— — Nalini Amoré, Teacher
Thanks for your thoughtfulness, your thoroughness, and your inimitable grace which shines so dearly. I appreciate your humor and laughter.
— — Jivan Shakti Kaur, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Davis, CA
I’m absolutely loving these videos. It’s inspiring me and lighting me up in a way that I’ve severely needed for years.
— — Becca Cuellar, Moon-Activated Crystal Jewelry Designer
Kundalini yoga and meditation has become a treasured part of my everyday life thanks to Charanpal. Her online classes have been a guiding light through some challenging life events and helped to transform them into rich and positive experiences. Her guidance reminds me everyday, that to be a human being is such a beautiful gift!
— — Kate Levy, United Kingdom