Whatever brought you here to this page is also seeking you… calling you to go deep into your Soul’s work and discover the precious jewels of your awakening. It would be an honor to support you through your journey.

I work primarily with people of all walks of life that are going through transitions, who desire to step into their power and release outmoded ways of thinking and behaving. Together, we go to the root of an issue and give it a voice, which grants you more clarity, more purpose, and more relief!

If we’ve never had a session before, we can set up a free 15-minute phone session to get acquainted!

I offer a variety of facilitation;

  • Gestalt

  • NLP

  • Intuitive and Creative Counsel

  • Kundalini Yoga + Meditations

  • Healing Gong Sessions

I have a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. I am also versed in the esoteric arts; Astrology, Tarot, and Tantric Numerology.  

I communicate with angels, guides, and your very own Soul. I also work intimately with the Elohim. Psychic abilities from my matriarchal lineage gave me the gift of clair-audience from an early age, however, I do not consider our sessions together a psychic reading, nor do I tell your future.  I communicate with realms and relay pertinent messages for you in this present time. Your free will is always regarded as the highest and most revered part of being hue-man.  


MAY MENTORSHIP SALE: 60 minute sessions - $85 (regularly $95)

3 Session Savings Bundle - $250 (save $35)

Feel free to reach out to me below if you would like to set up a session or a free 15-minute phone session.

With Love, 


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Charanpal is everything that I wanted in a mentor and more! I love her grounding presence, her ability to hold kind nonjudgmental space and enthusiastic encouragement as I walk my path. Her sessions are potent, powerful and a portal into your own inner wisdom.
— -Nicole C., Educational Therapist and mentor
Charanpal has taught me so much (probably more than she realizes) and I am so very grateful to sing, chant, laugh, cry, and grow with her.
— Nate Jones, Yoga Instructor
Thank you for the mentorship! I already feel so much better and have been taking the daily steps to work to the bigger goal! Right now I’m in the final interview process for a couple of companies. THANK YOU!!!!!!
— Aryana Asefirad, Administrative Assistant
Reflecting on the last year, I’m so grateful for all of the healing that occurred in my life. In our one-on-one sessions, I would set an intention and Charanpal would gently guide me to see how to make that a reality. Every time, a clear solution was presented to me. Even though I always felt better instantly just from talking through a situation, I’d often think to myself, “Well, I’m not ready for that solution to happen any time soon.” And yet somehow, before our next monthly session, the Universe would present the exact opportunities I had asked for! Collectively, these meetings, our monthly classes, daily sadhanas and the online community gave me the confidence to put what I learned into practice. Charanpal offered the space for true transformation and guided me to reach my full potential. I’m so blessed to call her my teacher!
— Katie Davidson, Writer and Yoga Instructor