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A 40-Day Serendipitous Experience

January 6 - February 14

What is the Miracle Frequency??

The Miracle Frequency is a unified merging of your Soul and your Will.

This frequency is intimately woven with the greatest powers you possess, the power to Love and the power to Surrender.

These 40 days will call on you to stay present, full of trust, committed and attuned to the subtleties that attract profound miracles to earth.

Prepare for a serendipitous experience!

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A 40-Day Commit-meant

Yogi Bhajan shared that the word ‘commitment’ is so because we are ‘meant’ to ‘commit’.

Are you ready to…

  • Commit to a daily meditation that aligns you with your Highest Destiny?

  • Commit to the 4 sixty-minute classes? (live-streamed or replay)

  • Commit to listening to daily Tarot and Astrology teachings?

  • Commit to daily writing in service to your creativity and healing?



Daily Meditation

This daily meditation grants you the power to make the heavens manifest on earth by way of your intuition. Yogi Bhajan taught that if you want to manifest your Highest Destiny, this is the kriya. It is to be done every day for 31 minutes as the sun is going down. If you cannot possibly practice at sundown, any time will work. Do not be discouraged from joining based on the suggested timing.

You will receive access to written instructions and Charanpal’s new and unreleased mantra track to guide you through the meditation. Charanpal will be teaching the meditation during class on the very first day.



Unlock your Mind


During the course of the 40-days, we will gather live four times to adjust the grey matter of the brain, spark the frontal lobe, and rewire our neural passageways to upgrade the psyche. You will feel aglow with new possibilities, fresh ideas and creativity. More and more will feel possible for you in this lifetime as a result of expanding your mental parameters.

Classes are 60-minutes each on the following dates. They will be held via Zoom, which you can download for free onto your device. If you are not able to join live, the recording will be sent very shortly afterwards.


CLASS ONE: Sunday, January 6th, 8:30 am PST

CLASS TWO: Saturday, January 19th, 8:30 am PST

CLASS THREE: Sunday, January 27th, 8:30 am PST

CLASS FOUR: Saturday, February 9th, 8:30 am PST



Daily Alignment


This step is all about tuning into the rhythms of the cosmos and putting into practice the Hermetic Axiom; As Above, So Below. Each day you will receive a recording with inspiration about the planetary aspects as well as a daily tarot reading and Elohim channeling. Attuning to the cosmic rhythms, pulses and tones of the day draws us to auspicious places at auspicious times and is an invitation to place our trust in the organizing principle of Creation.





Doing the Inner Work means we do a daily, honest check-in with our Soul. We observe and shine light on all that is unfolding in our lives. This commit-meant beckons us to become more highly-skilled, sophisticated observers by witnessing our emotions, our light bodies, and our third-dimensional realities and their inherent messages and lessons. By committing to a daily habit of journaling, we access our most profound creative fathomage. We honor all aspects of our psyche and integrate them into the wholeness of our Soul.

Outer Support: We step into community as we journey together through this transformation. In a private facebook group, you are invited to share personal stories, insights and inspirations. You will also have the opportunity to show up for the kindred spirits you are journeying with and express your mutual support. This facebook page is where Charanpal will be posting daily journal questions, which you will have the opportunity to comment on. If you do not have a facebook page, or choose not to join the private group, the daily journal questions will also be sent in the daily emails.


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