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Jala (2017) - #3 on iTunes charts!

Charanpal dives deep on Jala, delivering a silken, cutting edge new sound replete with binaural beats, whale calls, and specific mantras for healing and releasing grief.  Her third mantra album to date, Jala is an homage to the unborn child she miscarried while on an airplane.  These songs became the salve that soothed her during this time of loss.  Charanpal believes the melodies were written by the unborn soul, named Jala, to transmit healing to the planet during these trying times.

  1. Blue Lotus Feet / Asherah
  2. Adeys Tisai Adeys
  3. On the Shore (Jai Te Gung)
  4. Ardas Bhaee
  5. Thapia Na Jai
  6. Puta Mata Ki Asis
  7. Rivers
  8. Jai Te Gung (AkalStars Mix)

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aeons front cover charanpal music album sacred music
charanpal kaur sacred songs and chanting

Aeons (2015) - #4 on iTunes charts!

A moving, motivating journey of sacred chants featuring an eclectic mix of sounds from the violin, harp, harmonium, tabla, and a kirtan choir. Aeons instantly climbed  to #4 on the iTunes world music charts, and was praised by Spirituality and Health magazine as "potent stuff-- intoxicating, seductive, and habit-forming." The last song, The Lighthouse, features Gurunam Singh on backing vocals, as well as an audio recording of Yogi Bhajan.

  1. With You Now (I Am Thine)
  2. Ad Guray Nameh
  3. Har Mukande
  4. Slok of Japji
  5. Pavan 
  6. Stay Close, My Heart
  7. The Lighthouse

Simran Sadhana (2013)

Experience the sweetness of waking in the early morning hours and chanting along to the uplifting melodies of Simran Sadhana. The mantras on this album are a collection of the Aquarian chants that Yogi Bhajan taught would bring elevation, radiance, and courage during the intense transitioning of these times.  Charanpal`s deep and diverse range of vocalization makes singing along with her an absolute joy, while the masterful accompaniment and production of Hans Christian will delight your ears and spirit.

  1. Wah Yante
  2. Mul Mantra
  3. Sat Siri Siri Akal
  4. Rakhe Rakhanhar
  5. Waheguru, Wahejio
  6. Guru Ram Das
  7. Longtime Sun

AkalStars is the creative collaboration between husband and wife team, Ghansham Singh and Charanpal Kaur. 

Offering meditation tracks to Kundalini Yoga kriyas, the duo produces mantra music perfect for meditation, dance, chant, and sacred sexual union.

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