Radiant Body Kriya for Courage

1. Easy pose, elbows at 90 degree angles, palms up with long deep breaths.

2. Easy pose, palms together in prayer pose with long deep breaths.

3. Easy pose, palms face down on the knees with sufi rotations.

4. Hands and knees in cow pose, lift the leg and hold it with the opposite hand. Begin breath of fire. Switch sides.

5. Table pose, press into the palms and feet and lift the pelvis and sternum up on the inhale, lower on the exhale, with the chin remaining tucked in.

6. Stand on the left leg, raising the right leg back and arms by the ears with the palms together, parallel to the floor with long breaths.

7. Squats, going down on the inhale with the arms up and palms together, and then exhale come standing with the arms down.

8. Lay down on the back with the legs up ninety degrees with long deep breathing.

9. Shivasana.

Connecting with Your Source of Infinite Energy

Bend the right elbow and connect the pads of the ring finger and thumb in surya mudra, holding the remaining fingers straight and bringing the hand to the level of the ear. Inhale and exhale. Holding the breath out and pump the navel eight times, mentally chanting “Har” with each pump. Inhale, exhale and continue.

To end the meditation, quickly pump the navel 108 times with the breath held out or the breath held in. (Your choice!)

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