UPDATE! After a year of voicing my concerns regarding the audio / music issue with Zoom, I decided to check back in with them and they have installed a feature that will enable me to play music without disrupting the sound quality!!!!

Original message: Sat Nam, Please note that the sound quality in this video is sub-par as I was not wearing my lapel mic, per usual, in order to play music during class. I will be switching platforms as soon as I find a platform that can support music as it is such an essential part of a Kundalini yoga experience. In the meantime, this is certainly a bearable sound experience, just not ideal. Love, Charanpal

 Music played in class:

(1) Jai Te Gung (AkalStars Mix)

(2) Wah Yantee (AkalStars Live Sadhana)

(3) Angel’s Waltz (Sada Sat Kaur)